1. What are the main and upcoming products for Cooptire?

With regards to your question, I would advise you to refer to our product development schedule as attached.

  1. What are the different patterns and the unique feature of each pattern available?

With regards to your question, I would advise you to see our attached flyer.

  1. What are the sizes available for each pattern?

With regards to your question, I would advise you to see our attached flyer.

  1. How is quality of Cooptire ? What test have they gone through?

Our company has a strict policy on the cutoff for static balancing.

  1. What are the pros and cons compared to customer’s existing products?

As much as we would like to disclose the comparison, it is unfortunate that I am not at liability to tell you so. But we observe strict standards against competitive products and we are sure that you will find our products exceeding your expectation.

  1. Can I request for free tyres to conduct my own testing? Do I get reimbursed for the cost involved?

We are sure that our products have gone through intensive testing and launched with successful results. A fee of US$200 and US$400 will be collected for 4 pieces of  tyres respectively. We agree to testing of 4 tyres upon your first order of 20 or 40 footer. Upon your first order, we will return your deposit for these testing tyres.

  1. How is the production like for Cooptire factory?

Our parent company have successfully launched multiple products and our improvement through our past successes. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries.

  1. What are the existing markets that Cooptire is working with?


  1. Why enter this market? What are your marketing plans?

We will be launching our products globally. Please make your recommendation for marketing effort.

  1. How is the product packaging like?

We do not provide wrapping for our products. Please advise if you require packaging. Packaging image is as attached.

  1. How can we trust you?

We have a past reputable reputation You may visit us at our website for more information.

  1. How are the tyres manufactured? We would like to understand the manufacture process.

Not only do we ensure strict quality standard, we attach personnel in all manufacturing processes.

  1. How is the formula, techniques and raw materials used different?

Our company is an improvement through our past successes.

  1. How is the payment terms like?

Our usual payment terms are telegraphic transfer(TT), LC and open account. Please advise if you require other payment methods.

  1. If we decide to use our own forwarder, is there any special requirement?

Your forwarder cannot release the container or surrender B/L unless instructed by us.

  1. What are the forwarders that you are using?

We use the following forwarders such as MSC, China Shipping, CMA and Maersk.

  1. What is the buffer like for the quantity ordered?

We allow a 10% buffer for the order quantity and need 10% packing variance of your order quantity.

  1. What documents and proof does the company provide?

We provide B/L, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin. If you require further documentation, please advise.

  1. Is there proof of being the dealer of Cooptire?

We can issue a certificate of acknowledgement if required.

  1. Is there any development plan targeting different customers?

Yes, we have.

  1. Will there be company website?

Yes. Please log on to www.cooptire.com

  1. What is the difference and relationship between Cooptire and the other 2 brands? Why create a new brand?

Cooptire is made up of a completely new management team with its own strategy. There are shareholders with investment in the other company but does not have direct management over Cooptire.


  1. What is the development plan and service protection for the customers?

We will go through a strict dealer selection process and support our dealers in their growth.

  1. How can we protect the different dealers within the same province or same country?

We appoint dealership against our expected volume,If you can fulfillour requirement, we see no reason to appoint other dealers.

  1. How is the development of technology pace like? What kind of manufacturing team you have?

We enforce strict quality standards in our production facility. The tyre carcass has a very established technology, the tread surface has a fixed formula.

  1. What are the solutions for defective tyres?

These tyres are built for extreme tyre conditions, we do not have warranty for this current series of tyres. Surface defects will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  1. Can we make changes to the slick tyres and used on the cars?

We do not recommend alteration to the tyres supplied.

  1. Has Cooptire tyres been used in any race? How is the result like and what is the car model that the tyres are fitted on?

We have proven record with tyres sold in the past. The current range is an improvement of our past successes. We do not affiliate ourselves with our previous company

  1. Do you have your own factory? Please provide pictures of your own factory.

We have direct agreement with manufacture with dedicated production of this product.

  1. Is there any videos or images on the testing of tyres?

We will be producing various short clips and would appreciate support for local production.

  1. When will the new slick tyres be released in the market?

The brand in planning for the past year is finally launched in June 2016.

  1. The price set for the new product from Cooptire is so high, it might be difficult for us to sell them.

We have invested significantly in the production of our brand and would appreciate your marketing to your targeted audience.

  1. How many sales person are there in the company?

We have new team in excess of 10.

  1. Where is the factory situated?

We are based in China.  We are working with 1 of the top 10 manufacturer based in China.

  1. How many tyres can the factory produce?

It will be 300000 first year, 500000 2nd year and 750000 3rd year.

  1. How many workers are there in the factory?

Our production capacity is 500000 but can be increased with market demand. Our manufacturing facility has production in excess of 30 million passenger production which can be increased with demand.

  1. What are the different formulas used?

We have total 7 compounding for your selection

  1. Can you provide free tyre sample?

   It depends on if you need it. But the delivery cost you need pay.

  1. What is the minimum order quantity?

We accept order of any volume.Generally is 20ft container.

  1. What currency do you accept?

We deal with USD only.

  1. Are there warranty documents for the tyres?

These tyres are built for extreme tyre conditions, we do not have warranty for this current series of tyres. Surface defects will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  1. What is the volume of tyres to order to be the exclusive dealer for Cooptire?

Please advise us the ordering volume.

  1. If I own the dealership of a country, can I sell to the neighbouring countries? (if there are no dealers in those countries


  1. What are the marketing materials that Cooptire can provide to enhance better local marketing?

All marketing materials will be prepared beforehand and all publicity materials will be provided depending on your order. Please advise if you require more.

  1. If the tyres received has external defects, eg, bent bib, how would Cooptire handle these cases?

We have strict policy on the physical conditions. If you have any issue, we will handle it case by case basis

  1. If the country imposed high taxation on Chinese imported tyres, how can Cooptire provide support?

As we do not any customers who have this requirement, we will look into this issue and consider.

  1. What are the selling points for Cooptire? How can the products from Cooptire be marketed?

Please refer to attached. The phamplet ad highlight the design and engineered in japan and  wider tread surface and reinforced sidewall

  1. If customer would like to undertake our brand, what kind of marketing support can the customer expect from Cooptire?

We will provide support of X% of your annual sales revenue. We will provide a rebate accordingly

  1. Can Cooptire do reservation of stocks if customer is unable to make immediate payment?


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